Business Intelligence Consulting (Tableau)

The need to capture, integrate, analyze and visualize the structured/unstructured data is no longer disputed. New advancements are seen from data warehouses adapting virtualization to focus on analyzing data on-the-fly and simultaneously focus is shifting to tools delivering easy, fast and interactive visualization. No matters in which industry you are belongs, it’s necessary to get insights of your business like growth/loss/Stability/Future. If you are not confused and still not serious about the organization? Contact us today and take advantage of our FREE 30 Minutes Consultation today. For the Business, time is one of the most important factors. Taking and right action at the right time can help your business to reach to its next level.

Why Tableau?

Business users need more empowerment with insights, but without the queue delays from IT team or transition gaps. Tableau is a tool matching these expectations with highly intuitive, visual-based data discovery, dashboarding, and data mashup capabilities, and all of this is conceivable without extensive training/skills requirements. Have you ever thought of drag & drop the elements to create appealing graphs with dashboard to which show the measure of your business? If not, then Tableau is the best which suits your requirement. It allows users to see patterns of the data. To get started you can use readily available templates, widgets, reports formats etc. Such a wizard will ask you some questions and will understand your needs to manipulate with the data. Tableau also suggests possible report types you can see for your data (Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart)

How our Tableau consultation will help your business grow?

  • Analysis of your business data and show in the interactive visual form. A single screen or multiple screens from where you can get information which is processed with our analytical skills and Tableau.
  • We will help you to identify where your business lacks. Which process or wrong pattern of your business impacting the negatively on your business growth.
  • If you are using multiple sources of the data; you don’t need to worry. We will help you to build the analytical dashboards from the multiple sources of the data. You will be no mor dependent on the other operations for the data import or merge. Time is more important for the business and this can help you to save your valuable time.
  • You can share the representable data for the presentation purpose anywhere. You can also export the data for the other application where you need to showcase.
  • One of the most advanced benefits: think of the real-time changes in the data where dynamic reports get generated without hurdles.
  • Savvy Infotech Team can help you with the Data Discovery, Data Visualization, Analysis of the Survey, Social media analysis, Data mapping, Business & Big Data analysis. No restrictions on the industry; Our team is expert to help you with the any industry you belong to.
  • We have technical and functional team who can completely understand and create new techniques for the data visualization.
  • Using suitable UI/ UX platform and Business Intelligence expertise, Savvy Infotech can enhance your financial and operational performance presentation with more appealing design.
  • Fast rendering of the data using tool we can help you understand variety of ways to inspect the data. No need to be dependent on the IT support. Because Tableau provides self-driven data reporting and visualization feature.
  • We make sure about the accuracy of the data. Source information is aligned with the reports which are generated through the system.
  • Executive Dashboard to measure the KPI’s of organization. Operational Dashboard to monitor processes, support case, Quality assurance, operational performance. Analytics Dashboard to understand the outlines, predication, outcomes for the larger volume of the data.